Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Now With New Blog Smell

And lo, she created a new blog to go along with the new state (red??!) and the new address (not ending in an apartment #!!) and the new job (hopefully!) and the new weather (HOT) and the new bug bites (many) and the new beers (even more many) that await her in Austin, Texas.

Armed with nerdiness and a love of puns (or maybe they are the same thing?) she set out to take up a non-systematic study of Texans in their natural habitat, so that she may live among them in peace. Thus, Texanthropology was born. And then she punched herself in the face for being such a dork and for referring to herself in the third person.

P.S. When we were there last week during the election looking for a place to live, the city was completely wallpapered with these signs. That and "Turn Texas Blue." It was very awesome!

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