Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Last Rodeo

On Saturday we had our official going-away party at my Aunt Gayle's house. Of course we had to make it a Texas-themed party, because my heart beats for theme parties. I know other people probably have a vague sense of dread around theme parties, and having to think of an outfit and all that kerfuffle. But me, I hope when I die my funeral will be one giant theme party, with me buried in the most theme-iest outfit of all.

But anyway. I was very excited to find the perfect Texas-y square-dancing dress (red, white and blue, no less!) and to tease the bejeezus out of my hair. I am still coughing up hairspray. Because I was so theme-focused, it helped me to kind of forget that the party wasn't just a chance for me to wear a silly outfit (and when I say "silly" I secretly mean "awesome and twirly"). It was actually a chance to say good-bye to a lot of our friends. Umm, buzzkill! So, I'm still not really thinking about that part of it.

But man, it was a pretty fun party. I was particularly enchanted with the two tiniest party guests - Rico the dog and EJ the adorable 2-year-old. Rico and EJ were pretty enchanted with each other, too, being very size-appropriate playmates. There they were, running circles around each other, the best of friends... until. Someone decided to take the relationship to the next level. Rico got a little humpy, and EJ got a lot freaked out, and it was a rapid end to what had been a beautiful friendship. But, really, can you call it a party without some ill-advised humping and a few tears?


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Wan Park said...

The Kubb-ing was brilliant fun as was the whole rodeo. We hope to see you guys one more time before you leave!