Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Bit of Bubbly

I spent my evening watching "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" in just the type of mood that made me smile goofily through most of it and then tear up a little at the end. Also, it's made me feel like using the word "quite" quite a lot. It also made me quite inclined to draw myself a bubble bath. But that felt too awkward, so I decided to take a bubble bath instead. Yes.

And it was quite lovely! And I used the bamboo bath caddy that dear Emily gave me as a gift, and it was quite a convenient place for keeping my wine and my bubble bath and my "Pure Drivel" by one Steve Martin, which I am quite enjoying.

So maybe now you think that I just loll about all day long and then soak with Drivel in the bathtub at night, but no! In fact for the last two days I have done some w-o-r-k. That I will be paid for! In dollars! (Though I'm told the conversion rate from California dollars to Texas dollars is less than favorable.) So work is starting to happen, but that's not very interesting so I'll not waste any more of your time on it.

What WAS interesting, quite, was this past weekend wherein our good friend Marcy came to visit. If you are the numberly type, you will have noticed that this increased the amount of friends we have in Austin by 1, leaving us a grand total of... 1! One friend! Of course, if you are like a John Nash at word problems, you will note that when she left on Sunday we were minus 1 friend, and therefore are back to 0 (zero) friends in Austin. But she did bring our cat Mr. Pickles with her, so I guess with The New Math that puts us at .273 friends.

Anyway, I will have to talk more about the funness of our weekend tomorrow, because now I am tired. Quite.

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Marcy said...

Oooh, baths! I miss those. If you don't have one already, you must get an inflatable, suction-cup bath pillow. That coupled with your bamboo bath caddy will make you an unstoppable force in bathing.