Thursday, December 11, 2008

Week One!

The internet is here, the internet is here! Finally!

Also! WE are here! Here is Austin! Here we are! And there are exclamation points!!! Wheeee!

It has been just over a week since we arrived here last Wednesday evening. It was a super duper weird feeling driving into town knowing that we were coming here to stay. As we drove into Austin proper and got nearer and nearer to our little house, we both experienced a sensation that is something like this: the impulse to dry heave + pulling into the parking lot at Disneyland + OH SHIT + mid-terms + peepants + HUH? + trampoline + YES! + OH HOLY SHIT. That sort of begins to cover it.

All we could say for a few minutes as we parked in front of the house was:

Me: Oh my god.
Him: Holy shit.
Him: Ho. Ly. SHIT.

And then we kind of bounced up to the front door, and Mikey scooped me up and carried me over the threshold, saying, "I know you're supposed to do this at another time, but I wanted to do it now." Did you just vom a little in your mouth from how sweet he is? I'm sorry. He is SO sweet. I love him.

But it wasn't all fairy dust and rainbows as it turned out. The house hadn't been cleaned after the previous tenant, and also the gas wasn't turned on. What this meant was mouse poopies on top of the fridge, a carpet made of dog hair, icky toilets, and random bits left behind including a can of soup, one leaf of dry lettuce, a purple kiddie pool, a pile of pennies, powdered vitamin supplement, a conch shell, and various and sundry other curios. This was sort of ok because our stuff wasn't arriving for three days, so we'd have time to clean before moving it all in. But who wants to move into a dirty, hairy, poopy house?

In a wonderment of bad timing, no one could come turn our gas on for a couple of days, and Austin suddenly experienced its first real cold snap of the season. When we drove up, it was a balmy 74 degrees. By the time we went to bed, it was about 30. So Mike and I huddled together in our sleeping bag on our air mattress on the floor, waiting for the Lowe's to open so we could rush out and buy a space heater. But at least we had a couple piles of dog hair to keep us warm in the meantime.

And when the gas man DID come, Mike had to physically restrain me from frenching him. Because not only was there no heat, there was also no hot water. No hot water + freezing cold house = no showering. And we also hadn't showered at the ranch in west Texas, because the house was so rarely used that the water had become sulfuric. This amounted to about 5 straight days without showering, so you can imagine the condition we were in after being cooped up in the cab of a Ford Ranger across the second largest state in the union and then sleeping on the floor. Not pretty.

So, not very auspicious beginnings. But! We're getting things in order, and the place is starting to feel really good. Cleaning it was definitely more of a project than in the tiny old Venice apartment. I could vacuum every inch of the old place from a single plug... this place takes a little more doing. But it was all worth it when we came home from happy hour one night last week, and we were able to head to separate bathrooms. "I'm peeing at the same time as you!" I had squealed with the special kind of glee that only two toilets can bring.

So there you have it. We're here, and things are happening. We have a Christmas tree up and we're showering daily. We are like REAL adults.

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Emily said...

Nothing could be better than two toilets. I have dreams about it. Someday soon, I hope to be there too, but until then, I can only stew in my jealousy that you have TWO TOILETS!!!!!!!!

Sigh. So jealous.

PS. Missing you.