Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hooked UP

We got to come watch the Lakers play the Spurs in San Antonio tonight. I am so close to these dudes right now I can actually smell them! One thing that was very different here than in LA -- when the national anthem was being sung, everyone in the entire arena froze. Beer purchases were put on pause, everyone stopped mid-step and put their right hand over their heart. I've never seen that at a major sporting event, and I dug it. Now, I'm not for blind patriotism, but I do think it's important to show respect.

UPDATE: Though it was an extremely exciting game, the Lakers sort of blew it at the end and lost by one point. (ARGH!) But there were some amazing shots by both sides, and it was so fun to be there. I was shocked by how many people in the crowd were Laker fans, too. Though there was one Laker fan in particular we could have done without -- this guy sitting two rows behind us was more heckler than fan. He seemed to be supportive in theory, yelling stuff like, "Let's get 'em fired up, Kobe! Come on Phil, we need this!" But he spent much of the game screaming total nonsense like, "It's mamba time, Kobe! Time for the black mamba! Let's mamba!" in a mocking-sounding tone. It was befuddling and incredibly annoying, and I'm surprised he didn't leave with a giant foam finger shoved up his heiny.

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