Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Mike's dad lived in Austin for many years, so he's still got a few connections around town. One such connection is with the founders of a wellness center just outside of town called The Crossings. The Crossings focuses on holistic wellness -- they have a spa, but they also offer yoga, spirituality workshops and meeting space for various groups. It's sort of similar to the beautiful Omega Institute in New York, which Mike's stepmom co-founded.

We drove out to The Crossings on Sunday afternoon and were lucky enough to get a tour of the place from one of the founders. It's up in the hills overlooking the lake, and it's absolutely breathtaking. It's surrounded by trees -- part of a county-owned reserve that will never be developed. Outside of the spa is an infinity-edge pool with fantastic views, plus a hot tub and saunas. It's hard not to feel completely relaxed there.

But my favorite spot at The Crossings was an area they call the Sanctuary -- a smallish building with courtyards on either side. This is the entrance to the Sanctuary:

When you look through the archway on the left into the courtyard, this is what you see:

So far Mike and I have been thinking we'll have our wedding in California, but this gorgeous location got me thinking, "Hmm, maybe an Austin wedding could be quite lovely!" It definitely doesn't get much more beautiful than this!

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Avocado said...

WOW! That would be an amazing place for a wedding and great way for friends and family to understand your new life in Austin...