Thursday, February 5, 2009

In Queso Emergency

There are many obsession-worthy foods here in Austin, but my greatest weakness by far is queso. I didn't know this before I came here, but "queso" in Texan means "delicious cheese dip you want to eat at every meal." Generally speaking, queso dips are kind of Velveeta-esque except way more awesome and way less glompy. They can be really thin, or they can be creamier, they can have lots of delicious spices and peppers, they can have ground beef, they can have avocados. I imagine it is just what melted sunshine tastes like -- a little hot and spicy and a lot happy.

I have sampled probably a dozen quesos around town so far, and my favorite at this point is from Torchy's Tacos (pictured above). It's a medium consistency full of peppery goodness, and about five minutes after I took that picture I was sticking my face into the empty bowl to inhale any remaining queso molecules hiding in the pores of the styrofoam. (Just kidding.) (Sort of.) (Also, what's with using styrofoam? Didn't that go out with aerosol hairspray?)

Anyway, I was totally happy eating queso approximately 4.7 meals a week, but I've encountered a queso crisis.

One of the excellent perks of the marketing agency that I'm working for is their fitness program. I started it last week, and the nutritionist came and gave me a "body assessment" so they could measure my improvement after six weeks. I think "body assessment" sounds like something out of a Lifetime Original Movie, where mean sorority girls strip me down to my underwear and then circle my problem areas with a Sharpie, calling me names like "rhino thighs." Actually, she just took my measurements and calculated my body fat percentage, which is higher than the average. (Damn you, queso!)

So to make us all less squishy, a trainer comes four days a week and makes us do painful things with medicine balls. We also have to keep a "food log," which has been kind of embarrassing for me. Let me share with you a direct quote from the nutrionist after evaluating my food log from last week. Ahem. "What I like to do with food logs is give out stars. The way you earn a star for the day is that you get vegetables and good fruits and lean proteins. I can honestly say you got no stars. Do you have any questions on how to eat?" Wait, an intravenous drip of cheese is not how to eat? Whoops. I feel like if she could give me negative stars she would. "I'm sorry to tell you, Becky, but you have earned a black hole for the day."

So, it is with a heavy heart that I say to queso, "Goodbye for now, friend. Please believe me when I tell you I will think of you every minute of every day." (Tear!)

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Avocado said...

Becky! You are in great shape, even for LA standards! Don't let anyone make you give up cheese dip. For God's sake, Becky, not cheese dip! But...a few extra veggies wouldn't kill you. xxo