Monday, February 2, 2009

Monkey Sew, Monkey Do

While every other blue-blooded American was watching football yesterday, I was learning how to fashion a monkey from socks. This is part of my personal resolve to become craftier. It began several months ago when I bought a sewing machine on eBay, determined to learn some life skills. The sewing machine arrived, I hopped up and down and clapped my hands together, I opened the box and took out the machine and went, "Whoa." Then I hid it in a corner until a time when all Tivo'd shows had been watched and I had nothing to do but read a 400-page sewing machine manual and watch an instructional DVD.

That time hasn't come yet, but I am making small advances toward the lonely Singer languishing in the closet. For instance, monkies!

I was browsing the class listings at a local craft store called Craft-O-Rama when I came across the description for their Sock Monkey Class. First of all, who doesn't need a sock monkey in their life? Second of all, the class description ended with the encouraging line "Kiddos welcome." I thought, well, if a kiddo could do it, maybe a twenty-something sewing machine-phobe could, too.

Seeing as how everyone else in Austin either already has a sock monkey or else has friends to watch the Super Bowl with, I was the only person in the class. It turns out I am very good at tangling thread and not very good at sewing in a straight line, but after three hours and a lot of personal attention from the teacher, by golly I had a sock monkey of my very own making! Allow me to introduce him:

"Why don't you come sit right here, hmmm?"

"Keep it down, I'm trying to take a little cat, er, monkey nap."

The only thing he lacks is a name. Any good suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I love your little sock monkey! Great job. I've afraid you'll be hooked though.

I made my first sock monkey about a year and a half ago and I just finished # 100!

Drop by and visit Sock Monkey Ranch sometime.

Keep makin' monkeys...everyone needs a sock monkey!

Resident Grandma at Sock Monkey Ranch

Jr McGrath said...

I suggest "Percival." "Percival M. Shufflebottom" to be more specific. You can choose the meaning of the M."