Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Be your own Daddy Warbucks

So, I still need to file my report from my field work in Corpus Christi (SB2K10, woooo!). But I am putting that off because today happens to be Tuesday, my new most favorite day of the week.

Tuesday was never high on my list of days in the past, mainly because around 1pm on Tuesday I usually realize DEAR GOD IT'S ONLY TUESDAY. Shouldn't we be further along in the week by now? But I've discovered that one of the best deals in town happens on Tuesday, and now I have a reason to live through Monday every week. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the beauty that is happy hour + 1/2 price burger day at Annie's Cafe on Congress.


In LA there was an abundance of good happy hour deals, probably because everything is so overpriced during the other, emotion-neutral hours. Mike and I were slightly disappointed with the happy hour selection in Austin, despite the fact that the drinkin' here is so much more affordable to begin with. SO when we discovered the Annie's happy hour, we ran around in frenetic circles until we were too dizzy to hold our cocktails steady without spilling.

The happy hour at Annie's is one of the best in this town or any other. $3 off their high-class, grown-up cocktails (hello Austin Old-Fashioned and fancy St. Germaine!), $1 off draft beers and, best of all, a carafe of wine (3 healthy glasses!) for just $6. But here's why Annie's happy hour is best on Tuesday -- it's also half-price burger day. This means you get a Texas-sized burger with grilled onions and melty cheese plus a mountain of crispy French fries for about $5. If you are not a mathemagician I will break it down for you: $5 burger + $6 carafe of wine = $11 bellyful of winey, beefy goodness.

So don't be surprised when you see me on a Monday and I'm singing at the top of my lungs, "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow! You're only a daaaaay a-waaaaay!" Because the rest of the week may be a hard-knock life, but on Tuesdays I can totally be my own Daddy Warbucks at Annie's.


Cati said...

For other fancy (and one day) happy hours with half off food, see Lambert's (Monday), Jeffries (Friday 5 to 7pm, Saturday 9 to 11pm), or Parkside (Monday, or 1/2 off oysters and champagne on Wednesday). Regularly decent happy hours include Santa Rita and Hole in the Wall. Jorge's on Burnet does a progressive happy hour (which obscenely cheap drinks earlier in the afternoon), and Crown & Anchor has a daily drink special.

UM YEAH six years as a grad student in Austin will give you a font of hh knowledge I guess!

Texanthropology said...

AWESOME, Cati! So happy to have a bunch of new HH options! Let's meet up at one of them soooon!