Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tacos for breakfast! Google Maps for bikes!

This is kind of the most exciting morning ever. I just found out that Google Maps is going to add bike routes to its Austin maps, which is going to revolutionize my transportation! Austin is such a manageable size and we live so central to everything, we ride our bikes a LOT. But it can be terrifying trying to navigate a busy street with no bike lane, so Google Map directions would be amazing. Maybe I won't have to wince with fear of impending death and dismemberment every time I pedal downtown.

Austin 360 article on this Google wonderfulness here.

But wait, that's not all! The New York Times has an ongoing love affair with Austin -- they've posted several complimentary articles in the last few months. Most recently, they published an homage to one of my very favorite things about Austin -- the breakfast taco. When we came to Austin and discovered this most perfect breakfast food, I wondered how it could have possibly eluded me all these years. I mean, eggs and cheese and bacon and yumminess in a tortilla? DUH! It seems so obvious; why isn't every city all over this? Especially LA, land of the taco truck?

The article mentions Tacodeli, which definitely has the best breakfast tacos in town. One of my favorite things on a Saturday morning is to walk down to Jo's Coffee Shop on South Congress and order myself a migas Tacodeli breakfast taco. Migas = eggs, avocado, veggies, corn tortilla strips, magic.

And in the future I will be able to ride my bike to breakfast tacos anywhere in town without fear of getting my brain scrambled!

The New York Times article is here.

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