Friday, May 7, 2010

"Bring It On" - Update

So, last Friday's mocking of "Bring It On" was as side-splittingly funny as I'd hoped. My buddies Kenna and Jess and I were solidly the only people to show up in costume, but we were totally fine with that. I guess that's one of the major differences between being in high school and being almost-30 -- you're more willing to submit yourself to public humiliation?

Anyway, we were invited up on stage for a chance to win free dental work (yay?) in exchange for showing off our cheerleading moves. Kenna, who was captain of her college cheerleading squad the Kangaroos (making her Captain Kangaroo), whipped out a perfect herkie jump.
(Example of a herkie.)

Since I haven't busted a cheerleading move in probably 13 years, the only thing I could think to do was show off the embroidered horseshoe marks on the back of my cheerleading bloomers. So I turned around, flipped up the back of my cheerleading skirt and waved my 29 1/2-year-old booty in front of a theater full of people. People who probably shifted uncomfortably in their seats and thought, "Someone please make her stop, she's embarrassing herself."


(There I am on top. You could fit a whole pair of pom poms in my gaping mouth because I was screaming with sheer terror thinking I was going to plummet a horrifying two feet and break every bone in my body.)

(Here's our whole group. Don't we look like Gleeks?)

P.S. I must mention that I experienced a moment of private, internal glory when I was able to put on my high school cheerleading uniform and it FIT. You probably want to punch me in the throat for bragging now, and I don't blame you. But, !!!! Miracle!

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Tinka Parker said...

That sounds like a blast! Take it from me, once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader!!