Sunday, June 6, 2010

San Antonio Daycation: A Photo Essay

Yesterday I took a little daycation to San Antonio with some lovely ladyfriends. We had lunch at Mi Tierra Restaurant & Bakery, which is kind of a misnomer. It should really be called "Mi Tierra piƱata-twinkle light-mariachi-margarita-cookie explosion with salsa on top." In a totally awesome way. Afterward, we went next door to El Mercado, where I distracted myself from buying a bunch of sugar skulls and paper garlands by taking pictures with my Hipstamatic app instead. I love, love, love all the color in the market and in San Antonio in general. We kept marveling at how San Antonio is just a little more than an hour from Austin, but it feels like a whole different world.

On our way out, there was a classic car show going on, so it kind of felt like a whole other world AND a whole other era, giving our daycation a bit of an international time travel flavor. Delicious!

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