Monday, December 13, 2010

Hideous Christmas

You guys. It's time for my favorite theme party of the year... Hideous Christmas!!! This started more than 5 years ago with my wonderful L.A. friends, and for the last two Christmases I've missed it dearly. Well, this year I'm starting Hideous Christmas - Texas Edition and bringing the tackiness to Austin.

So put on your musical socks, your puffy-painted sweatshirt, and your blinking Xmas-light earrings and come to our house this Saturday night, December 18! Party starts at 8pm, and we're giving a prize to the person generally agreed upon to be the most hilariously hideous.

This is a come-one-come-all type of situation, so don't be shy! We'll have a keg of Shiner Cheer and some other treats, not to mention a make-your-own ornament table. I feel weird putting my address out there on the interwebs, so for more details please email me at texanthropology (at) gmail (dot) com. Or find me on The Twitter - @texanthropology.

Ho ho hope you can come!


livin wide said...

what a fun idea! wish we could make it...can't wait to see the pictures.

Texanthropology said...

Aww, wish you could come, too, Sandhya!!

Laura Lewis said...

Can't wait to see these pix... wish we could be there. If only my private jet wasn't being worked on this weekend. Damn.