Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010: Year of the Theme Party - Part Two

And without further adieu, here is Part Two -- further proof that 1) Austin is awesome and 2) so are my friends.

More 2010: A Year in Costumes!

ThrillerFest: Thrill the World 2010
This was our second year participating in Thrill the World -- the effort to set the record for the most people simultaneously dancing MJ's "Thriller." Whilst dressed as zombies. AWESOMETOWN. This time the hubs and I went as a pair -- zombie Lucy and Ricky. I gotta say, this might have been my favorite costume of 2010, though I have to deduct points for the difficulty of removing clumpy latex zombie-skin from my face at the end of the night.

We decided to take our zombie show on the road after the official Thrill the World event, and we ended up the night at Lustre Pearl where we largely remained in character the entire time, as evidenced by the zombie-hooping you see here. But, BUT! The best part of the night was when we put "Thriller" on the jukebox and all performed the dance, in unison, in the middle of the bar. The owner happened to be there and was so impressed that she demanded an encore performance and insisted on buying our drinks all night. I ask you, people, does it get better than that?

'90s Dance Party at The Highball
We didn't realize this wasn't actually a costume party until we got there and there were 3 of us dressed up in '90s-themed outfits. I wonder if people just thought I had an odd fashion sense... You will recognize my outfit from Part One's '90s Sitcom Party, though I slightly re-worked it to make it a little more Britney Spears "...Baby One More Time" than Clueless. A subtle distinction.

Tour de Fat
Every time the Tour de Fat from the New Belgium Brewery comes around, I spend the entire day repeating, "This is my favorite day, you guys. YOU GUYS. This is seriously the bestest day of all the days. FOR REALS." Because it totally is. It incorporates all of my favorite things: costumes, bicycles, and beer. AND this year it also incorporated Port-aoke. Do you know what that is? It's karaoke IN A PORT-O-POTTY. Not a functional outhouse, but one of those giant ones that's had the potty part replaced with a full-on karaoke set-up. We may or may not have been singing a Britney Spears song with great enthusiasm here.

What on earth are we wearing?? Who knows/cares!!! BEST DAY EVER!

Halloween Party at My Work

I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline! Do you recognize me from the children's books? I was incredibly proud of myself for sewing this dress with my very own hands. In the costume contest at work, I even won a major award: "Most Adorable." HA!

HalloweenOn actual Halloween, most girls like to make themselves look appealing. I like to go the other way and look crazy/disturbing. Here I'm a "fallen beauty queen," complete with floor-length sequins, "oopsie baby" belly, empty bottle of wine, smeared lipstick, cigarette, and askew tiara.

Christmas Cookie-Baking Party

My lovely friend Andrea had us ladies over to her house to bake Christmas cookies. They were amaaaazing -- she added almond extract to the icing, and I couldn't stop eating them. I supplied aprons for everyone to wear, and I think it really added to the experience.

Hideous Christmas!
I mentioned Hideous Christmas here before, and I was so proud to host the inaugural Texas edition in 2010. Yes, my puffy-sleeved ball gown is a repeat, but be honest -- if you owned that bad boy, wouldn't you look for any excuse to wear it, too? My handmade headpiece, however, was new this year and required a 2-foot clearance in all directions.

SO! That was 2010 as told through the many get-ups and get-togethers throughout the year. I can hardly wait to see what 2011 will bring.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Madeline costume AND the Halloween costume! Madeline is a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing!

Texanthropology said...

Awww, yay! Thanks so much for your kind words!

Eve Fox said...

color me seriously impressed, Aunt Becky! Every one of those costumes is awesome, though Madeline and fallen beauty queen may be my favorites. Have you ever thought about writing a book along these lines? I am quite serious. It could be a how-to-guide for how to host awesome theme parties with lots of ideas for costumes and themes and all these great pix of your exploits. You should do it!

Layla said...

I came over because Laura (your sil?) posted the links and OMG. Will you be my friend? You're SO fun!!! I love it. :)

Texanthropology said...

@Eve, that is such a great idea! What a fun project that would be!

@Layla, thanks for stopping by and saying nice things -- we are now officially friends. Hooray, friendship!

livin wide said...

totally enjoyed both parts of this! you have some amazing themed parties and jealous! i can barely ever through something together in time for halloween.

Texanthropology said...

Thanks, Sandhya!

Y'all are making me blush with all your sweet comments!